The America First Miami-Dade Strategy for Floridians FIRST!

Most citizens don’t even know that the GOP party in Miami-Dade runs on a District form of operations compared to the rest of Florida’s counties that operate in a Precinct […]

Floridians FIRST: "Save Cuba" MAGA Rally in Miami Sends Strong Message

Floridians FIRST: “Save Cuba” MAGA Rally in Miami Sends Strong Message!

It was one of our larger rallies that was organized for Miami-Dade titled: FLORIDIANS FIRST MAGA SAVE CUBA RALLY! We arrived on the scene at La Carreta restaurant on Bird […]

5th Anual BBQ & BREW

Gabe Speaks At Florida Atlantic Conservative Team BBQ

Gabriel Carrera the president of Floridians First was given the opportunity to speak at the Florida Atlantic Conservative Team yearly BBQ event. Gabe has been listening and following Trump’s lead […]