5th Anual BBQ & BREW

Gabe Speaks At Florida Atlantic Conservative Team BBQ

Gabriel Carrera the president of Floridians First was given the opportunity to speak at the Florida Atlantic Conservative Team yearly BBQ event. Gabe has been listening and following Trump’s lead in allowing Floridians First to be a fighting organization to take the Broward Republican party back form the Republicans in Name Only (RINO). Broward County has a RINO problem that attacks and blocks the America First agenda and policies by Republicans that would be better suited for the blue Democrat party. This is not an easy task and Floridians First has been attacked by the Country Club establishment Republicans that like to drape themselves with the Trump 2024 flag, but their actions is to block DeSantis/Trump supporters! This can be visibly seen in the last BREC meeting where Richard Denapoli let his blue slip show. Lets watch Gabe speak and afterwards go to the main page and scroll down to the Paul Revere and sign up for news and event updates!

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  1. Ciecie
    Ciecie says:

    Gabe are you on GETTR …Jason Miller started it … Get on and Let Your Voice be Heard … No censorship like Twitter and Fakebook Please join along with all your Friends… When’s the next rally at Oakland and Federal??? I’m coming again … Ciecie… On Gettr I’m @ 1313Lucy


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