Floridians FIRST: "Save Cuba" MAGA Rally in Miami Sends Strong Message

Floridians FIRST: “Save Cuba” MAGA Rally in Miami Sends Strong Message!

Floridians FIRST Miami-Dade Chairman Chris Barcenas at SAVE CUBA Rally

It was one of our larger rallies that was organized for Miami-Dade titled: FLORIDIANS FIRST MAGA SAVE CUBA RALLY!

We arrived on the scene at La Carreta restaurant on Bird Road in Miami with our boxes, sound equipment and Pro-Freedom signs. The day was hot and already there were ralliers flying signs and flags condemning communism, promoting freedom and liberty for Cuba. After moving some of the vendors from our staging area we mounted a rally that was the largest one ever held by Floridians First. The owners of La Carreta were welcoming and allowing all the attendees to use their restrooms. Although I worried they might sell out of their powerful Cuban coffee they kept the flow of the Cafecito energizing all the protesters. There were FF signs, home made signs, horns, horses, old folks, young folks, and flags of all nations.

Los Guajiros Anti-Communist Patriots

Miami’s Youth Comes Out in Numbers Supporting FREEDOM!

I think the wildest and best aspect of the event were all the teenagers coming out against what is happening in Cuba. I spoke to a few by chance and they were fully informed and articulate describing why they were there. This is different than Fox News Jesse Waters who goes into the American Campuses and they don’t know who the speaker of the house is or the name of our first president George Washington. With the left brainwashing our children in schools with extreme leftist ideas these teenagers get it and reject the communist tenants. They are seeing the videos of human rights abuses on Tic Tok, Instagram, Telegram and other social media platforms. I observed the youth assist and be respectful of the seasoned citizens that attended the SAVE CUBA rally.

In my video, that I will place below, I wonder out loud why in Miami-Dade the youth get how awful communism is and in Broward we have Antifa, BLM and young Democrats that find communism romantic and sexy. In past conversations with the youthful in Broward they state that its not real communism in Cuba. That many of the places in the world they do not practice real communism. They continue to celebrate Literary levels and a health system that in their opinions rivals the health system of the United States. In their minds they can make America a better place if the American people would revolutionize toward communism or its sister socialism. Nothing can be farther from the truth because ALL nations that have drank from the fountains of Marxism have failed miserably with death in tow. The governmental systems that are based in Christian-Judeo values of the west have rescued so many from poverty there is not enough space on the internet to document the successes.

Both Sides of the Street Lined With Protesters!
Floridians FIRST President Gabe Carrera Walks The Rally With Comments and Interview!

Floridians FIRST One of Many Rallies!

There were many rallies all over Miami, Florida, and the United States including busses of supporters arriving in Washington DC supporting the people in Cuba. Breitbart News reported, “Protesters came from all over the country, including groups who bused from Miami to D.C., to participate in the demonstration. Protests have sparked in the U.S. and around the world since thousands of Cubans took to the streets in Cuba last Sunday and throughout the week, calling for the end of Fidel Castro’s 62-year dictatorship. While Castro himself died in 2016, the Castro family continues to control the island through its domination of the military. The news of protests in Cuba spread via social media before the Cuban government shut down the island’s internet. More than 40 municipalities have participated so far, making it the largest anti-government protest on the island in decades.”

Freedom Fighting Protesters in Washington DC

“Since protests in Cuba began, police have opened fire on crowds and beaten people in the streets. Independent media confirmed the arrests of at least 5,000 people so far, Breitbart News reported. Current figurehead President Miguel Díaz-Canel openly called on civilians to violently attack protesters on the streets in an “order of combat” issued late Sunday. Breitbart News spoke with several protesters, many of whom came from Cuba directly or have family who did. The protesters warned of communism in the United States and spoke of atrocities in Cuba, including how young adults and teens are being forcefully taken from their homes by the government and made to fight against their own family and friends.”

Street Protest Sign For Miami-Dade Rally!

Do something, Joe! Cubans rally outside the White House and in Miami to demand Biden offer a lifeline to protesters in Havana – as Raul Castro, 90, appears at vicious anti-US rally (Daily Mail Quote)

An Unknown brother Doing GREAT Work in Washington DC Protest

Washington DC Gets Buss Loads Of Supporters From All Over the USA!

Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando are just a few of the locations that erupted in a sea of protesters calling for military intervention. The Daily Mail reports,

  • Hundreds of people left Florida on buses Friday night headed to Washington D.C. to protest on the steps of the White House and Cuban embassy to demonstrate after a week of unprecedented protests in Cuba
  • Thousands of Cubans have protested shortages of basic goods, curbs on civil liberties, and the government’s handling of a surge in COVID-19 infections 
  • The protests in the nation’s capitol came as Raul Castro joined thousands at a government-organized rally in Havana on Saturday to denounce the U.S. trade embargo and reaffirm their support for Cuba’s revolution 
  • Demonstrators in Washington on Saturday carried signs reading ‘Freedom for Cuba’ while calling on President Joe Biden to help the suffering Caribbean nation 

“Hundreds of people left Florida on buses Friday night headed to Washington D.C. to protest outside the White House after a week of unprecedented protests on the Communist-led island this past week. The protests in the nation’s capital came as Raul Castro joined thousands at a government-organized rally in Havana on Saturday to denounce the U.S. trade embargo and reaffirm their support for Cuba‘s ‘revolution.’ The Havana rally came after thousands of Cubans have protested shortages of basic goods, curbs on civil liberties, and the government’s handling of a surge in COVID-19 infections in the past week. Meanwhile, demonstrators in Washington on Saturday carried signs reading ‘Freedom for Cuba’ while calling on President Joe Biden to help the suffering Caribbean nation.”

Lillian Fonseca, a protester from Hialeah, told the outlet: ‘If military won’t be able to intervene because I understand that’s not a possibility, at least if we can give them free WIFI.’ In the wake of the protests, the Cuban government had cut off internet access on Sunday. Internet connectivity was restored on Wednesday though access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter remained blocked on cellular networks. On Friday, some of the protesters who boarded the six tour buses for the 15-hour drive to Washington carried signs with the faces of people missing amid the protests in Cuba. Gabriela Lastra, 21, cried as she told the Miami Herald on Friday before boarding for Washington: ‘No one else is going to help us, unless we make them help us.’ ‘My mother’s been crying for a week every time she watches the news, but she couldn’t be here because I have a little sister,’ Lastra said. ‘If I can make even one person aware, I would be satisfied.’